Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thoughts About Backlinking Via Hubpages and Infobarrels

Here is something I am realizing about creating hubpages and infobarrel articles for the purpose of getting backlinks - some random thoughts and ideas:

You definitely need more than one website, and a few hubpages, squidoos, infobarrels, and what not that you have personal created. Mainly for the experience and so that you can do 3 way link exchanges.

But if looking at hubpages and infobarrels as primarily backlink sources, and not thinking about the revenue they _might_ generate, it makes more sense not to write them.

Explanation example: Most folks on hubpages do not make much, and have maybe 10 established aged domains. Typical hubpager. So one approach is to offer a hubpager who has established hubs in your subject area to buy advertising in the form of text links. You could probably get 5 links with varied anchor text on 5 different hubpages created by one hubpage user for $20. If i put myself in their shoes, it seems like you might have to ask more than one person, but it seems like it would be easy to get that deal.

Or you could write those 5 hubpages yourself. But it seems to me it would take 2 hours to write them, in real life. So if you can make more than $10-12 bucks an hour, you are better off working elsewhere and buying the links. Yes, you could get income from the pages if you wrote them. And that income could continue for a long long time. So then you are back to better off writing them. Or if you want to outsource, hire someone to write them. But then you are probably looking at $50 to have someone write five hubpages. So round and round I go... just brainstorming ideas.. getting everyone in the mode to be constantly thinking about the pros and cons of different approaches.

Then you wonder if there would be any hubpager takers at $10 for 5 links. Then you only need to be making better than $5 a hour to make this approach make sense. $2 a link, and you get them on aged pages, instead of having to wait for your created hubpages to age.

Now buying links is against Google rules. But you can buy text link ads. So this would be a good way to get traffic. It is hard to make a call on this one, because how do you distinguish between buying links and buying advertising?

Just brainstorming...

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