Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hello Work At Home Folks!


I am a stay at home Dad and I am into home based businesses and working from home. And looking to meet like minded people.

I have 2 sons: Cooper (6 years old) and Nate (3 years old).

I am very proud that I am a stay home Dad and I try to do the best job with parenting that I can. There is no more important job in the universe, working from home or not.

I have never really held much in the way of real jobs. I mean like corporate cubicle type jobs. I have always owned my own businesses. I have bred mice and sold them to wildlife rehabbers, zoos, and pet shops all over the United States. Seriously. I have been a day trader, successfully. And I love the stock market and futures trading and options trading. I have sold used books on Amazon on a large scale, owned a used book shop with up to 8 employees at a time, and been a Platinum PowerSeller on eBay. The used book selling was mostly a home based business until I opened the shop. And the eBay powerselling was all home-based. And I loved it, but I am tired of selling physical goods and having to ship them. I like to write and I want to find meaningful work that I can do from home with my boys. That would be the perfect job and I would be in heaven if I can pull it off. Yes, the hours have to be funny, and there are a lot of distractions to deal with when working out of your house, but it can be done. If you find the right balance it offers the most perfect lifestyle I can imagine.

I have a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science from the University of Arizona, but have not really worked in the field, chasing small business ideas -- especially work at home ideas - ever since I graduated. I also have an almost Master's degree in the same field. I studied rosy boas at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. I would love to go back and finish that degree, so that I have not left something unfinished. And if I had the means to get my Ph.D. in herpetology and do herpetological research, I would like that very much. But I do not really want to be in the field away from my kids - I really want to do something that allows me to stay home and be with my kids and work a home based business. So it is frustrating - balancing different desires and dreams and hopes. But for me my kids have to come first - and that means developing or finding a work at home opportunity for me - custom made if you will. Fortunately, that is very very doable.

I enjoy online selling and started a website based around that called I Sell Online: Hello Online Sellers . ISellOnline.com is intended to eventually become a community and news portal site for online sellers - those selling on eBay, on Amazon MarketPlace, or on their own websites.

I can program in Cocoa / Objective-C on the Mac. I love Apple, and would love to find or create a job for myself working at home, or a home based business, doing Mac programming, but so far I have not come up with the perfect software idea to chase and market. I like Cappuccino and Objective-J programming, but have also there yet to think of the killer application to develop with it. So for the most part I am only pursuing my programming skills in that they help me develop web sites. I am also very good with databases and I know php/mysql web programming fairly well. So now to find a way to turn that into a work at home opportunity...

Right now my focus is on developing websites and hoping one or several of them can develop into a lucrative and legit home based business opportunity for me. That is where I am at in my life right now, I want to make money online by creating cool websites and monetizing them via adsense or other advertising. I feel that would be the perfect work at home based business for me.

I also have a very simple web site here: Home Based Business Ideas and I am developing some much more involved sites in the home-based business / work from home sphere.

I am enjoying learning website design and development, white hat SEO (search engine optimization), meeting other internet marketers and stay at home workers, and feel blessed. Right now -- while I am not making much presently -- at least i have the opportunity to stay home with my kids and pursue work at home ideas - hopefully one of which will allow me to work at home permanently. It is the ideal lifestyle if you at least make enough to live modestly and make sure your children are provided for. I do not need the big bucks, although heh I might still chase them. What matters most is time with the kids. And work from home based business ideas are the only thing that provide the necessary flexibility there.

If you work at home, even as a telecommuter, then I would love to hear from you.

Now, what to do for my first real post on work at home based business ideas?

My newest post is here: Work At Home Ideas



  1. Hello -

    I've long had the goal of doing the same. Unlike you, I HAVE done the cubicle job, but decided it wasn't for me. I started financialhealthguy.com to get out of the rut, and from that several writing opportunities have arisen, along with other options. It isn't a full income yet, but I hope to be able to develop it (and other ideas) into complete financial freedom! I applaud your efforts and hope you keep them up :)

  2. Always try to use best and unique business ideas instead of traditional business ideas. Because market is not constant. In the same way consumer's tastes and preferences are not constant. They will always try to use something new and shows interest on different ideas.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I wish you the best.

    I worked for other people until I learned that real living was working for yourself :) Ryan

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